Mid-Week Inspiration: I Can’t Live Without You

darrell walls

Your relationship with God is very similar to your relationship with people in that it takes work to keep the spark aflame. Right now I find myself falling in love with Jesus all over again as I experience who He is in new ways. Just about 2 ½ short weeks ago, we had hit a wall in our walk together but as soon as I made the effort to get that fire back between us, He poured His love on me in a manner I’ve never felt before.

I wake up with a hunger for the Word. I immerse myself in godly atmospheres. And as a result I am hearing from Him much more clearly. We cannot do this life thing on our own. We end up lost and confused. We need a greater power that has it all figured out because He created the world we live in.

We all are in search of wholeness. When you have a hunger and a thirst for Jesus Christ, He will fill you; not to the point of being stuffed and regretting your intake, but to the point of being satisfied. There is a sense of being pleased and feeling good after a healthy meal; not too little, not too much but just enough. That is how God is able to fill you when you are ready to experience Him.

Those who have not experienced this fullness question how others can have faith or be at peace in the midst of devastating circumstances. They do not understand the peace that surpasses all distractions and hardships. They may have a relationship with God but have yet to experience wholeness because they are not seeking Him fully. Maybe they have not come to the point of desperation that nothing else will do. Maybe they do not believe that a being they cannot see could take full control of their life for the better.

What I know is once you desperately seek Him, He will provide you a crown of beauty for your ashes (Isaiah 61:3). He will glamour up your ugly situation and make it work for your benefit. He will build your character and consume you with peace that assures you that everything will be okay. And because you believed, it will be.

The key to this rest, to being a whole individual in Christ is to indulge in His Word. Listen to inspirational teachings and music. Have people in your life who will pray with and encourage you. Where two or more are gathered in His name, God will be with them (Matthew 18:20). The power of prayer is so strong because it helps your faith to grow. For me, praying with someone else keeps my mind from wandering on what I’m going to cook for dinner, what time my meeting is, how much money I have in the bank. Find a prayer partner, I’m telling you it works (if you need one, email me at the contact us tab above).

I love all of our readers and I want us all to grow together. This is our purpose in life; to build each other up and usher in new believers to the Kingdom. Let’s rally to make a change in our world that starts within ourselves. Once we are whole then we can bring a nation together in unity. We can bring peace in the middle of chaos.

Please watch this video and receive God’s love.

-Renée Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


One thought on “Mid-Week Inspiration: I Can’t Live Without You

  1. Coolio says:

    Amen. I look forward to the Mid Week Inspiration weekly. Sometimes work…. Life… get you down. This blog post always has a way to get me back on my path. This weeks inspiration was so on point and much needed. I had a couple of low moments this week so far. All I could do is pray and have others pray for me. I know my relationship with God isn’t what it’s supposed to be… but I’m working on it. Continued blessings to you and keep inspiring us.

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