Relationships Corner: Stop Blaming Men When It Ends


Women are constantly complaining about how bad men are, that they can’t be trusted, and they break our hearts with no remorse. But I think it’s time for us females to take some accountability and thank God for the men that hurt us. The majority of the relationships that we get ourselves into never should have began. We are blinded by looks, bank accounts, and the mere idea of being wanted. We don’t take the time to ask if this is the man for me and determine if our spirit truly, truly tells us to be with this person. If we are completely honest with ourselves we will discover that it is our flesh telling us that this man fits our “criteria” and therefore has to be the one.

I respect a man who can leave a good woman when he’s no longer interested. It does the woman the biggest favor by ending something that she had no business being a part of. She is now forced to move on from someone that she most likely would have held onto no matter how many times she got the urge to leave. The hardest part, escaping, has been done for her. She now has to deal with her issues of latching on to another person.

Men and women alike have a desire so strong for companionship that it resembles a need. When we have found someone that will put up with us, and that we’re willing to put up with, we don’t want to let that go. But as good as that relationship may be, it may not be the relationship for us. This is where I can arguably say that men do a better job of standing up and doing the right thing. Though their way of going about it may be all wrong, there is no better method to move on from the wrong person than to completely remove yourself from communication with them. If a man is not returning your texts, has blocked your calls, removed you from their social media and so on, a woman has no option but to let go (unless she’s one of them crazy chicks that shows up out front of his house on his way to work and flattens all of his tires, this write up ain’t for you today…or maybe it is).

Rather than get mad at men for being dogs why not pay attention to the signs that they are dogs when we first meet them? Instead of murmuring how men don’t know how to treat a lady why not wake up to the fact that he was not your man to begin with? You will save yourself heartache and be much more appreciative when Mr. Right does come around.

-Renée Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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