Jonathan McReynolds “No Gray” + Remixes Usher’s You Got It Bad [Video]


In this video Bishop Marvin Winans says that music gets in your spirit. I’m learning just how true this is. I enjoy some of the top pop performers today, but none of them can provide an experience like a truly anointed man or woman of God who sings or speaks of their love for the Lord.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been engrossing myself in the gospel, praise, and worship and experiencing God’s miraculous power like never before. I’ve shared new contemporary gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds’ contribution to Erica Campbell’s “All I Need is You” remix. I was watching artists on YouTube when this video of him ministering last year at Bishop Winan’s Pefecting Fellowship International appeared and blessed me; not just because of his amazing voice but because of his message.

In addition to his original songs, Jonathan played a short remix to Usher classic “You Got it Bad” referencing how we can be on fire for God on Sunday and that zeal dwindle by week’s end.

You got it you got it bad when you’re on the fence, it takes nothing to push you back

You got it you got it bad, when just one bad day could send your whole live off track

And oh you got it bad when you think that you’re safe but your walk and talk never has to change

And oh you got it bad when you think life and Christ is just a Sunday thing

No, it’s the rest of your life

Watch the video below and be encouraged, inspired to be 100% committed to Jesus Christ and His mission.

-Renée Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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