Elle Varner is known for her raspy vocals and real lyrics. Now she’s dropping bars, tossing her melodies aside and adding rapper to her job title. She dropped a new record “The End of the Beginning” an ode to all the hoes and her new found “supporters” now that she’s reached a level of success.

These are the woes of a 20 something year old
Single black female addicted to retail
That’s single cause I trusted every asshole I ever met
And lately I’ve been fed up with that sh&t
It ain’t been working out so well
So now I’m sulking in this Starbucks, sipping skinny caramel
Iced soy macchiato, wondering what life would be like if I was a ho
If I’da gave it up to everyone who wanted some
My louboutin count would be at 101
And rent, I’d never pay that sh&t again


I don’t seem to remember all these people in December
When I was sneaking meals inside the college cafeteria
My dollars was declining, I barely was surviving
My numbers still the same but like they say I guess it’s timing
They love to say you’ve changed, it’s convenient as dry cleaning
They love you even more when you’re leaving
They show up at your door with empty hands and open arms
Telling you they always knew how far you come along

I’m a big fan of Elle because of her gritty, feel good music that I can relate to. This is a different side of her that I’m honestly not surprised to hear. Singers have been testing their emcee skills for years and even more so lately from the likes of Chris Brown, Janelle Monáe, the list goes on. This record will have to grow on me but I’m feeling the lyrics.

Take a listen below!

-Renée Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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