Koryn Hawthorne Lights Up The Voice Stage With R.E.M’S “Everybody Hurts”


I watch The Voice each week and there’s usually one or two performances that catch my ear but this week there was one that truly blew me away. In honor of Mother’s Day all of the contestants dedicated a song to their number one inspiration, Mom. Seventeen-year-old Koryn Hawthorne took to the stage to perform “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. In the words of Pharrell this girl is truly anointed.

The small town Abbeville, Lousiana girl worked at Little Caesars before making it to top 6 of the competition. Something tells me she will not be returning to that job. Her voice has improved and matured more than anyone on the show in my opinion. After her amazing performance on Monday her coach, Pharrell made the following comments:

“It’s unbelievable the way that you left the ego to the side and just allowed the spirit to come through and it just comes through you like an antenna and it lights this room up and all I can tell you is man, you are truly anointed.”

I love how passionate and genuine Pharrell is with these artists. He has an incredible way of showing how much each contestant’s journey means to him regardless of whether or not they are on his team. I have so much more respect for him after watching him engage on this show.

Please watch Ms. Koryn’s performance below and be inspired.

-Renée Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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