Sevyn-Streeter-4th-StreetI have been all the way here for Sevyn Streeter since she dropped her first solo single, “I Like It.” Now she is taking us home to 4th Street where she grew up in Haines City, Florida. In her new record she talks about the special people in her life that don’t want a thing from her but to know that she is okay. That’s my kinda people.

“Woke up this morning, 3 missed calls from my best friend
Ain’t want a a thing from me, just calling to check in
Just wanna tell you that you’re special
But you know it, yeah you know it yeah
Walk to the corner store with a dollar in my hand
Got everything I needed, God I thank Miss Pam
She said, ‘You’re such a diamond girl, keep shining
Anything that you need, I’m here'”


In the beginning of the song you can hear ten-year-old Sevyn [Amber] Streeter introducing herself to Steve Harvey on Showtime at the Apollo [see video below]. “4th Street” will be on Sevyn’s upcoming album On the Verge!

Check out the video as Sevyn shows us the streets that raised her. With all that’s going on back in my home state right now I can appreciate reminiscing on the good old days with the ones I love most. 

-Renée Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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