Mid-Week Inspiration: Hope For America?

american flagI think I’ve hidden from the issues long enough. There is so much anger that builds up inside of me when I face this topic so I’ve avoided it. But God has given me a voice through my keystrokes that I believe He wants to be heard. And I love and respect my culture enough to address the uncomfortable subjects that society often tries to ignore.

The black race has been discriminated against, belittled, shunned, disrespected, and killed since it was shipped to America from its native country almost 400 years ago. Yet for some reason, whenever we mention this simple fact today we are considered ignorant, angry, and as pulling the “black card.” I am already prepared for the backlash that I will receive for writing this post because some Americans are just that evil and full of hate.

Yes, there are members of the black race who let their pants sag, wear hoodies, or use foul language in public. There are African-Americans (key word Americans) who gang bang and sell narcotics and stand on the street at odd hours of the night. There are also people of other races who murder to maintain a level of prestige, who distribute and abuse harmful substances, and who step on other’s backs to climb the corporate ladder. There are people outside of the black culture who manipulate voting ballots, who kill innocent children because of the way that they look, and make cheap deals with enemies to enhance their own bank accounts.

The majority of gang violence, stealing, and drug dealing amongst African-Americans takes place in our poorest communities. Many are born into these neighborhoods and because of the nature of their environments it is hard to get out. It is extremely difficulty to exit the ghetto when local school systems cannot afford modern books to properly educate school-aged children and teachers are not given the salaries that they deserve or need to survive. It is hard for a child to see past their city when they are forced to skip school to take care of their younger siblings while their mother works two to three jobs just to put a less than nutritional meal on the table. I am not making excuses for a culture, but rather stating the facts that bigots refuse to address.

Black women are described as loose; as birthing children out of wedlock at a young age. It is complicated for a woman from the hood to avoid seeking comfort in a man who does not love her when she has not been introduced to self-worth. When she Googles “beauty,” images of blond, brown, and red-haired white women appear on the screen. So when someone of the opposite sex recognizes her for her physical appearance, she is seduced by the attention and left with a child that she cannot afford to fend for.

It becomes problematic when a young boy is left to be fathered by a woman who has no clue what it takes to be a man; her only encounters with such being of the intimate or aggressive nature. She cannot instruct him on how to respond when a girl dismisses him or when a man introduces him to “the block.” So he learns from the streets and the cycle continues.

It’s easy to judge from the outside looking in, sitting in a two-story home with a white picket fence and a dog named Rover. A person born into privilege cannot fully comprehend the mental damage that is caused by being automatically discriminated against. They do not understand why a culture that was brought into this country as inferior creatures would have a hard time rising to equality. They think that time and a black president should make the slate squeaky clean and that this group of people does not take full advantage of what this country has to offer. But the success of a few men does not result in the reincarnation of a culture bound by its history and the inability of “opposing” cultures to erase their opinions of such.

There is no clear resolution to a world stuck on color. There is no means to an end when ignorance, bigotry, and racism only continue to heighten generation after generation. When a group of twenty-somethings from University of Oklahoma chant “There’ll never be a nigger” in their frat, it becomes clear that this is not our grandparents’ problem, but a today issue.

So what do we do is the million dollar underlying question. How do we end the hatred and demonology that has plagued this world nearly since its conception? I, unfortunately do not have the answer to that question. The scary thing is that we have to educate our children on taking extra precautions to avoid being another victim. I do know that we cannot choose to live in anger, fear, or devastation. We must be strong, speak up, and come together to build a unit that no police force or supremacist can devour. We must trust that God will confiscate their souls from the enemy and pray to Him daily for the protection of our families. We must spread love.

-Renée Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Inspiration: Hope For America?

  1. Coolio says:

    Very interesting read. I agree that the cycle must stop. One thing about the cycle is… corporate America fuels the cycle. To an uneducated individual, selling drugs and thuggish behavior is cool… Only because that is pumped into our youth heads through violent music and television. Corporate America controls what music is popular. Corporate America controls what movies get made and what shows survive on TV. It’s a combination of Pavlov’s experiment and The Willie Lynch theory on how to make a slave. In my opinion, the cycle is a form of mental slavery. I could speak on the subject for hours….

    • disclosednative says:

      @Coolio Thank you for your insightful input! I agree that this cycle is more mental than anything and if we could change the mentality of an entire culture than we would see vast changes in our world as a whole. But that is much easier said than done so one person at a time.

      -Renée Gibson

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