Fashion Meets Comfort


Seldom does our daily routine afford us the opportunity to be comfortable and chic at the same time. But on those rare occasions that we are able to step out in stylish comfort, oh best believe we step it up a notch to prove that just because we’ve got on baggy jeans and combat boots does not mean we will not slay in every shape and form.

We put you onto the latest trend “athleisure” and how to dress up sweatpants, oversized tees, and leggings. We are now here to share that putting together the right look does not only take effort for females but for our male counterparts as well. You know, that outfit that looks effortless but causes neck turns in the same breath?!

Whether keeping it cool with a snug v-neck or taking a rugged approach with a leather biker jacket and distressed jeans, men and women alike are gearing towards the “less is more” trend and we love it. Farewell to the cardinal rule that women must wear uncomfortable form-fitting dresses and six-inch stilettos or that men must stick to the hot and clingy button up with a crisp pair of slacks. We are now enjoying a nice cool breeze in boyfriend jeans, a white tank, Chuck Taylors and fedora hat and calling it a day!

Check out some of our fave looks from some of our fave people. What are your go-tos for stylish comfort?


-Renée Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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