Crochet Braids: The New Natural Hair Craze

06bd16d74685c7324ba789f1cffca091There are so many alternatives to protective styles these days that it leaves the natural chicas indecisive about their next do. Crochet braids are the new trend that so many have added to their tresses to sustain the “naturally kinky” look without the natural hair Nazi’s condemning us for adding weave. 

Although crochet braiding has been around for decades, the natural hair community has taken it to another level to add versatility, minimum maintenance, manipulation, and protection without damaging your hair. It’s like living in perfect kinky curly wonderland!

Braids, weaves, and wigs are also good protective styles but can be damaging without proper care. I’ve had braids and weaves that have done more harm to my hair than good.  I either lost my edges or my hair was extremely thin because I was unable to properly nurture it after installed.  I was more concerned with having the best weave and stylist versus the proper knowledge of maintaining the health of my actual hair underneath the weave. Crochet braids allow your scalp to be exposed for proper cleansing and less stress on your hair.

If you’re bored with your natural hair journey this is a great effective way to give yourself a break from your routine wash-n-go and twist outs.  The crochet technique is really inexpensive. Seriously, you can have a budget of $15 and you’re able to create stylish faux natural style. How dope is that?!?

Check out TheChicNatural’s tutorial below!

-Madelyn Monroe

IG:  @fearlessfemme

Twitter: @disclosednative


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