Spring Make Up Collections Are Here!!!

Valentine’s Day has come to an end meaning only one thing..spring is right around the corner! We can toss those dark, gloomy tones for bright, pastel, fun colors as we liven up not only our wardrobe but our faces. Make up changes are as essential as ridding of white shoes after Labor Day (a rule I don’t completely follow. “If it’s clean and it fits, I’ll pretty much wear anything.” Only real Fresh Prince of Bel Air fans will know where I’m coming from). Why not start making additions to your color palette now so come March 20th you are ready to be fierce?!

I love pairing bright color families of pink, green, gold, and purple to achieve my tropical springtime look. I am a Mary Kay beauty consultant because I absolutely love the products. The line has a new spring collection Paradise Calling! Their Exotic Orchid Lacquered Lip Shine is the perfect combination of color and glam. It looks great paired with their Seafoam Whipped Eye Color. Orders of up to $50 come with the cutest cork-inspired clutch. Feel free to drop a comment below for more information.

I remember being in college and walking to the local mall to stock up on eye shadows and foundation from MAC Cosmetics. Their LOVE PURPLE lip line is the perfect tint for spring. Violetta is my favorite color in the collection.

Revlon is a go-to because they provide fun, simplistic looks at an affordable price. Their new Photoready Eye Art is super cool providing an eye shadow base with matching sparkle to take your night out on the town up a notch.

Check out all of these looks and comment on your faves!

-Renée Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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