Must Haves for Stylish Comfort

If you are anything like me then you are all about comfort. I have to dress up five days a week so on my off days I want to break out those homey pieces that would get me kicked out of the office. However, it’s winter so throwing on a nice sandal or tank top is no longer an option. There’s no reason why you can’t be comfortable and cute even in the blistery cold season. Below are some of my favorite go to outfits when I want to give my body a break while remaining fierce honey.

One day an angel came down to earth, literally walked in our shoes, slapped us all in the face, and yelled “Why on earth do you walk in these?!?!” Before returning to Heaven she left us a gift from above that would be the answer to corns and bunions across the world, Uggs!!! When these boat-shaped boots released many years ago I never thought that they and I would have the love affair that we do today. They are like walking on little clouds created just for our feet. Pair them with jeggings and an oversized sweater and bam! You are comfortably cute.

Nothing is more difficult to dress for then rain! You don’t want to mess up your good suede kicks by stepping in a puddle and you don’t want to get your feet wet by wearing flats. Perfect solution: rain boots! Pair them with a fierce rain jacket and leather gloves and you are now waterproof.

On those rare occasions that the weather breaks 50 degrees here on the east coast, I like to go for a jog, usually to the grocery store to stock up on…healthy food of course (new year, new me LOL). On store runs I like to toss on my sneakers with yoga pants, my military jacket, and a backpack to store groceries.

Every fashionable chick has their must haves for comfy, cute days. Tell us your’s below in the comments!

-Renée Nicole

IG: ms_disclosednative


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