Keyshia Cole’s Mom Frankie Drops New Song "The Frankie Leg"

Man down!!! It’s a code 10 situation!  Keyshia Cole’s mama, Frankie is hitting your airwaves with a new song and dance called “The Frankie Leg.”  The record is an instructional dance song similar to the “Cha Cha Slide” or the “Electric Slide.”

This is too funny but it’s right up Frankie’s alley.  I’ll never forget being at BWX Lounge in Hanover, Md and here comes Frankie joining the crowd in the The Cupid Shuffle.  She was all over the place proving that she’s got moves.  Now Frankie is taking those moves to the masses.

As much of a joke as this is, we all know that you don’t really have to have talent to be in the entertainment industry.  All it takes is a slick hook and a gimmick.

Check out Frankie previewing the song with Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo.  Holla!!!!
-Renée Nicole


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