Serena Loses U.S. Open and Drops It Like Its Hot

Maybe Serena Williams should spend a little more time on the tennis court and less time trying to twerk it because dancing is def not her forté! 

Serena lost yesterday in the U.S. Open women’s final against Samantha Stosur, but she was caught on tape trying to “back it up” after what looks like a night of too much tequilla.  I don’t know if she was sipping a little something in this video, but with these awful moves, I sure hope she was.  But it’s cute to see celebs show their playful side.

Serena was penalized for intentional verbal hindrance during the match yesterday for yelling “Come on!” after hitting a strong forehand to the advantage side. 

I’m not mad at Serena for showing emotion.  Tennis is her baby and this competition is what she works tirelessly for.  She’s come a long way from being hospitalized to coming back to the game she loves.

-Renée Nicole


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