What’s Wrong With TV Today

As I sit here flipping through the channels I land on the Cosby Show.  This was one of my favorites back in the day.  You know the African American families that were in love, no infidelity and you hardly see them fighting but if they did fight they used communication to resolve the issue.  The Cosby Show never portrayed anything negative to society.  You saw that family and education were important. 

Same thing with A Different World.  You had young adults going to college to be successful in life.  The women were fully dressed and I mean layered from head to toe.  There was NO fighting, belittling of one another by using profanity, or weave pulling.  I loved Living Single. I loved the fact that it showed independent black women with professional careers and a set of males that respected the women and also worked hard.  Of course in today’s society we have taken the term independent woman and turned it into something entirely different.  I ask myself how did that happen.

Nowadays on TV the women are half naked, cursing each other out, fighting, etc.  The men are shown disrespecting women by beating them, calling them bitches and whores and it’s become a way of life.  Society has accepted this behavior.  Its treated as normal day-to-day routine.  For example on the reality shows and/or awards shows, they don’t block out profanity.  I’m thinking like dang that’s a shame that we have accepted that to be normal.  

We find ourselves questioning what’s happening to the younger generation.  We’re saying they weren’t raised like that.  But when parents are hard at work trying to make it in this economic crisis, the television and Internet is raising our kids.  So what can we do to intervene?  All we can do is pray that our kids do the right thing.  Pray that our kids are leaders and not followers.  Even though we don’t see the strong African American families on television anymore we can try to show them with our own families how it should be done.  

What do you guys think about television today?  Is there anything we can do to fix this?  Post your thoughts.  We look forward to hearing from you!



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