Kelly Rowland "Lay It On Me" Footage [Video]

Kelly Rowland has a hard act to follow after the success of her first single “Motivation” off her album Here I Am.  Now she is shooting the visual for her second single “Lay It On Me” featuring Big Sean and it’s looking just as hot and steamy as her first video.

In the footage below Kelly is wearing a backless bathing suit and wrapping her long legs around stipper-built topless men:-/ 

Ummm, am I the only one that thinks that Kelly is trying too hard?!  She’s using sex to override the fact that her album is wack!  She has yet to wow me with any of her music which is upsetting because she has a beautiful voice.  Kelly just strikes me as a humble, ordinary, down-home girl and this new image of her is just not befitting.

Do you agree that Kelly is losing her true identity or is she channeling her inner “Sasha Fierce” to become a marketable entertainer?

-Renée Nicole


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