Sherri Shepherd On BBall Wives LA: "I Got Physically Ill Watching"

Many women, black women in particular, have expressed their dissatisfaction with our representation in the media.  After last night’s episode of Basketball Wives LA, some celebs decided to go in on the poor example that reality tv is setting.
Sherri Shepherd took to Twitter to share her disgust (see below).  I have to agree with Sherri.  I actually decided to stop watching the Basketball Wives series after the first part of the Basketball Wives Miami reunion.  It is upsetting to see women fighting, putting each other down for the clothes they wear or the amount of money that they tricked earned. 
We need to grow up and stop feeding in to the stereotype!  I’m sick of it!  Because it’s not just tv!  That’s how we are in the clubs, in restaurants–when we don’t get our way or feel that we’ve been “disrespected” because someone mistakenly stepped on our toe, we want to make a scene!  But when a man does us wrong, we are real quick to let it go for some “good” dick or a Louis bag!?   C’mon women, we have got to do better! 
-Renée Nicole

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