Movie Review: The Help

I am a member of a book club Divas With A Purpose.  Our purpose is to raise awareness to women young and old about breast cancer.  We express the importance of being aware of your current health and staying on top of your health screenings.  We also give back to the community by helping cancer survivors, those individuals that are diagnosed and/or going through radiation.  Its just a token of our love and dedication to the cause to raise awareness and to give them something positive to make them smile or feel a little better about the situation.  Our goal is to ensure that they know that someone cares and we are there to support and strengthen them through this hard time.   

We get together once a month for a book club meeting.  Our book of choice this month was the #1 New York times best-selling book, The Help.  If you haven’t read the book I say that you need to go get a copy or download to your e-reader within seconds.  It’s a definite must-read.  The movie was great but the book is more detailed and you’ll have a better understanding of the movie.

The Help took place in the 1960s in the heart of the south, Jackson, Mississippi.  The movie was about two African American maids (Abileen and Minny) who risked their lives to start a movement that would change their lives and Jackson, Mississippi forever!  These extraordinary women were determined to tell the truth about how the help was treated daily while caring for Caucasian families, raising their children, and the troubles in the Caucasian household.  They faced racism, criticism and humiliation.  Abileen and Minny teamed up with a Caucasian inspiring writer, Skeeter and began secretly writing stories that will change lives forever.  The Help is a very intense novel and movie filled with emotions, humor, and hope.

Whenever you get a chance be sure to check it out.  Also if you would like more information on Divas With A Purpose please contact . 



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