Memphitz Expresses Embarrassment of Arrest

On Tuesday Disclosed… reported of Memphitz’ arrest for carrying a loaded weapon in his luggage at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport [read full story here].  He was released later that day with $5,000 bail.

Memphitz called in to V103’s Frank and Wanda Morning Show to express his embarrassement and sincere proclamation that it will never happen again.

I’m embarrassed about it, I’m not proud of it…It’s not something I’m going around parading about. It really was a simple mistake… it was a big mistake.

I have a license. I went and took the time and got my license. It’s just for protection and self defense only, to protect my family. That’s what I was taught to do. I’m not driving around like a hoodlum out there. I usually have it locked up in the house or in my car when I’m traveling. So I took it out of my car and put it my backpack and put it in the house. I hadn’t traveled in a week or so and me & my wife were traveling. So we were headed to the Magic show in Las Vegas. We we’re rushing like “I can’t miss this flight.” So I picked up my computer and my bag and just went to the airport.

First of all, I would’ve never pushed my bag through the scanner. I’ve been traveling too long and I’ve transported guns before. Somebody was like, “Somebody got a gun; it’s a gun in this bag.” I was looking around like “What fool brought a gun?” and Toya was looking at me like “It’s in your bag.” “No, it’s not.” Then I started remembering and I was like “Ohhh, No! I put the..”

Officer Davidson, which thank you he really didn’t put me through the embarrassment of anything. He was like “I can feel your spirit and can tell you’re not into that type of stuff.” I was like “Man, I never would’ve …..but I know you gotta do what you got to do.” I told [Toya] she could go ahead and go to Las Vegas. She said, “I’m not leaving you.” I love my wife.

Wanda let Memphitz know that she was very disappointed in him, and he responded:

I was embarrassed walking through the airport. I saw a part of the airport I’ve never seen before. I didn’t even know it existed but they had me locked up in there for a little while. They took me out and he was like “alright, I got to put the hand cuffs on you now because it’s procedure.”

I usually don’t ever say ‘never’ but it will NEVER happen again. That ain’t even my character. My whole life I’ve been on a straight path of doing what I do and all of sudden that.

I still have to handle this with my job. I’m the vice president at Sony Music. I don’t know how they’re feeling about the situation. It was a misdemeanor. The judge told me she understood my situation so I just told her “It will never happen again.” That’s not who I am, that’s not what I put out there. I put out positivity, motivation, making sure kids is on the right path and that’s what I’m about. I would never do that.[Source]

-Renée Nicole


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