Mid-Week Inspiration: Dorinda Clark Cole "Back to You"

We spend life chasing success.  We are in a constant race to achieve money, status, approval, and recognition.  But God is the one who has been there through it all.  When we run out of money, who do we call on?  When a loved one is sick,whose stripes do we depend on?  This world has taught us to be on a constant grind for more.  Never satisfied, never content, we feel that there is always a higher level to reach.  And we won’t rest until we accomplish that goal. 
While it is important to work toward what you hope to achieve, it is more important to honor God for all that He has done up to now.  The old hymn says “if He doesn’t do anything else for me, He’s done enough.”  This is so true.  He’s blessed you with food to eat, a roof over your head, and much more.
Instead of being upset with God for not giving you all that you want, thank Him for giving you all that you need.  Thank Him for just being God and reigning as such in your life.  We have someone who is willing to carry ALL of our burdens for us.  What person in your life not only has that desire, but also has the power to do so?  Keep pondering…
I can’t help but to try to come up with what I can do for HIM.  There’s nothing that He needs from me, but He delights in my praise.  He finds pleasure in me loving my neighbor and doing for others.  He is joyful in my work for the Kingdom of God.  That is what I press to achieve.  Not fortune nor fame–while they would be nice–my ultimate goal is to please Him and to have a seat waiting for me in Heaven.
Dorinda Clark Cole “Back to You”
I can’t begin to thank you for all you’ve done
Money won’t do it ‘cuz you don’t need none
All I want to do
Is give it back to you

-Renée Nicole


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