Toya’s Husband Memphitz Arrested on Gun Charges

As Memphitz and Toya Wright went through a routine check at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport this morning in route to Indiana Las Vegas, Memphitz got stopped for carrying a loaded .40 caliber weapon in his luggage.

Memphitz was promptly arrested at 11:56am. 

Memphitz claims that he had forgotten the weapon was in his suitcase and had not planned to bring it.  He was released on $5,000 bail and Toya picked him up from Clayton County Sheriff’s office.

Seriously, if I was young, black, and rich I’d probably stay strapped too.  I don’t blame Memphitz for possessing a gun, but you got to be smarter than to travel through one of the world’s busiest airports carrying when you know security is tight. 

Memphitz and Toya just fulfilled their first duties as the spokespersons for Ampro Gel this past weekend at the Bonner Bros. Hair Show in Atlanta.

-Renée Nicole


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