In Case You Missed It: Basketball Wives Reunion Pt 2

Basketball Wives Miami reunion aired last night and needless to say it was filled with more loud talking, head bobbing, finger-pointing entertainment.  I must say I loved Shaunie’s dress and her hair was cute as well.  Oh and I liked Evelyn’s dress as well.  Meeka was still talking in circles and I’m not sure if she made the cut for another season.  Tami made the show of course with her hood-rants.  

The only reason Meeka’s husband is a champion because he was lucky enough to get traded to a championship team. […]

When asked about the fight with Meeka

I gave her a disclaimer.  I don’t regret the fight one bit […] If you put your hand up to Tami Roman, you will be popped.  Thats my story and I’m sticking to it.

Meeka’s response

I don’t pop people…I pop bottles.  That’s what I do.

Once again Shaunie sat quietly and let the circus clowns do their thing thing.  The only positive thing that I would say that came out the reunion is Royce expressing that she would only want to return if the show would portray more positive women.  John decided to show bonus scenes of that show which of course we never get to see where Shaunie and Tami go to an Art school and help a young lady that is struggling to pay her way through college.  I’m happy to see that these women can do more than just be basketball hoodrats. 

At the end of the show we got a sneak peek of the Basketball Wives: Los Angeles that will also show more drama. 

Check out the full reunion below in case you missed it.



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