Dave Chappelle Gives First Interview in Five Years [Video]

Dave Chappelle has been MIA from the limelight ever since he left $55million on the table in 2006, discontinuing his hit sketch comedy show Chappelle’s Show.

He recently sat with the guys at Wild 94.9 in San Francisco for his first interview in five years to talk about his life on his farm in Ohio, getting boo’ed on a Florida stage last month, and his lack of plans of returning to comedy.

Dave commented:

It’s addictive. Being a famous person and all that. It was an enjoyable part of my life. It was good when it was good, probably much like drugs. But then there’s parts of it you don’t want. Listen, a guy does drugs for how long of his life? A year? Two years? He could spend the next twenty years trying to get over a good drug to have. And show business is like that.

Dave falls into the same category of Lauryn Hill, who learned early on that the fame was just too much for her.  I’m not mad at them for making an executive decision for the sake of their sanity, but come on Dave.  Comedy needs you!  Martin’s done, Eddie’s done.  Who else can carry the throne?  While Mike Epps and Kevin Hart are hilarious, there is a void in the funny community that only Dave Chappelle can fill.  What do you think? 

-Renée Nicole @favoredchick


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