New Single: Jill Scott – So Gone (What My Mind Says)

Jill Scott has released the next single “So Gone (What My Mind Says)” off her latest album Light Of The Sun.  Jill had an up close and personal interview with Sister2Sister magazine where she revealed that she was dickmatized (when you are blind to the B.S. a man does because his penis/sex is so good to you) in her last relationship and she allowed the sex to keep her in an unhealthy relationship.  Now ladies I know we have all been through that once before.  I dare you to say you haven’t and I’ll call you a BOLD face lie! 

“So Gone” features the southern Houston rapper Paul Wall.  I love this collaboration.  Jill gives you the laid back feel as usual and Paul comes in giving you that country southern flow.  In the song Jill sings about wanting to go but her fact that her boo has a banger she can’t leave.  Jill sings

He got that thickness, the kind that make you get up makin biscuits with
Breakfast, so gone…
And I ain’t even thinkin bout the next chick that he mess with… so
Reckless, so gone

Check out the latest single and post your thoughts.



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