Recap: Basketball Wives Finale

Ok so before I start I want you all to know that this is strictly my opinion and you can do what ever you want to do with it.  Okay so last night was the big finale of Basketball Wives.  And baybeh when I say them hookers went out with a bang….they did that.

I often ask myself why do I sit glued to the TV faithfully every Monday night.  And it always occurs to me that I like to watch mess and go in on them heffas after the fact.  Honey that show last night was hilarious!!  I have so many issues/concerns regarding this show that I will have to number them. Lets get to it shall we……

1.  I can’t understand for the life of me why every single grown woman on that show allows Shaunie to set them up for failure.  Does anyone else notice that she looks the best out of all the women?  She’s the only one that speaks like she has an education and is really about her business and making money.  She’s the only one that shows that she has class even if she’s classless.

2.  *deep sighs* Poor Evelyn…chiiiiiiiiiile.   Like really boo boo…you rode by and saw your fiancé having lunch in your city and ke-ke-cackle-cackle with one of his old “friends”.  I mean she made some valid points but in the end she let that wood trump the fact that dude totally disrespected her.  He tells her to shut the F up and listen.  He continues with you never effin listen…and shut the eff up again.  Regardless of that bull crap Chad Ochodingocinco fed her…he was not going to rush home and in regular conversation tell her he had coffee with an ex.  Excuse me I don’t care how innocent it was…since when is it okay to sit and have coffee with an old cut buddy?  Just my opinion and feel free to let me know yours in the comment section…Thanks!

3.  Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer…she looked like a straight up hooker hooking for that condo rent.  I just can’t do the whole kissing in public like that boo boo. EW!  But if she is gonna be 40 in three years…she looks good.  Baybeh…I don’t know why she let Eric continuously disrespect her like that.  What kind of man throws a drink in his wife’s face.  Granted she threw one at him first… *deep sighs* I’m done..

4.  Poor Royce….I guess she didn’t have enough drama to add to the show so they didn’t need her.  I’m still up in the air as to why Jennifer is beefing with her.  Oh yeah because she’s tweeting Jen’s “soon to be ex husband”.  Damn that social network ain’t no joke!

5.  Tammy looked great this season.  I don’t know why they had her looking busted last season.  I enjoyed watching her though.

5.  Meeka…I guess she still recovering from the previous beat down……

What do ya’ll think? I would love to see what you have to say.



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