Beyonce’s Favorite Things Revealed

Despite the diva we see on stage that comes out through stellar performances, Beyonce is just a girl.  She’s quite simple and it doesn’t take much to please her at all according to the list of favs she revealed to Marie Claire. 

The more I listen to Bey or tune in to her interviews the more I love her (no homo).  I am a true Beyonce fan baybeh!  I just can’t get enough.  Check out the list below and let me know what you guys think.

The fragrance: Beyonce Pulse
‘The name reminds me of my stage persona when I’m dancing.’
The book: Jay- Z’s Decoded
‘Obvious I know, but this book is great at breaking down rap songs.’
The TV show: Jersey Shore
‘I thought, “I’m not going to watch this!” because it was so hyped, but it’s hilarious.’
The food: Oreo cookies
‘I haven’t had one for a while because once I start eating them, I can’t stop. I can finish a whole packet.’
The hero: Solange Knowles
‘My younger sister is my hero. She balances her career with being a wonderful mother to my nephew (Julez, six).’
The music: Adele’s 21
‘I love Someone Like You’. Adele is such a nice woman, and she has one of the best voices of our time.’
The movie: A Star Is Born
‘My mother would put it on for me when I was young, so it’s an honour to be in the remake with Clint Eastwood.’
The fashion: Topshop
‘My favorite London shop. There’s one in New York but I was mad at first because I didn’t want anyone else to go there!’
The style: Kate Moss
‘She’s always been a trendsetter and so edgy. You never look back at her, even ten or 15 years ago, and think, “what was that?”‘
The city: New York
‘I never thought I would live there because I found it so overwhelming, but now it’s home.’




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