Letoya Luckett: Dont Hate Them Heffas WERK!

Letoya Luckett performed at the Woodward in Detroit over the weekend.  She performed “Torn”, “Regrets” and an attempt to sing “No, No, No” and “Say My Name” (clearly she was tipsy or just tired).

 She took the time out to show love and support for her ex-Destiny Child members saying…

Kelly is still my motivation. Each of ya’ll go and get four copies of her album and get Beyonce’s album too. Stop hating on that girl. You know she is one of the most talented girls on the face of this earth. Both them h*es werk!
Y’all support them, it is no beef, no hate between us. We are grown heffas, that was ten years ago. Y’all leave that alone and let us work.

Luckett says to look out for a new album from her at the beginning of the year.  Its good to see they still support each other and they are able to put the past behind them and move forward.  I love positivity. 

SN:  Is it me or is Letoya country as ever…LOL!  Like I’m the one to talk…

Check out the clips below.




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