Major NFL Trades: Reggie Bush To Go To Miami Dolphins, Ochocinco to New England, Vince Young Booted

Sitting here in my Baltimore Ravens t-shirt (root for the home team!) and listening to confirm all of the NFL trade noise and I am experiencing both pleasure and disappointment.

The most surprising trade is the boot kicked at Reggie Bush from the New Orleans Saints.  The sixth-year runningback will be taking his talents to South Beach joining the Miami Dolphins squad.  Bush has not been playing up to par but hopefully the 2010 Super Bowl champ can revive his skills in Miami.

Chad Ochocinco has accepted a restructured three year deal with the New England Patriots.  Also moving to New England is former Washington Redskins defensive linesman, Albert Haynesworth.  Critics are calling this “a brilliant move” for the Pats.

Quarterback, Vince Young was also released from his team of five years, the Tennessee Titans.  The 2006-2007 Rookie of the Year is expected to join the Philadelphia Eagles to play as back-up:-/ to Mike Vick. 

My biggest disappointments of course come from my own squad, the Baltimore Ravens.  Not only did we get rid of wide receiver Derrick Mason, the most consistent offensive player on the Ravens even at the age of 37, but they also knocked off tight end, Todd Heap who made more fuss on the field this past season than he has in years.  The Ravens have also released defensive tackle Kelly Gregg (noooo!) and runningback Willis McGahee (bout time and I know I’m alone on this one but he is a waste of roster space to me; he gained like two yards last year #imjustsayin).

All in all the NFL returned with a bang.  I can’t wait to see the effect of these changes come pre-season next month.

-Renée Nicole


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