Lance Gross Stars in New Film: "The Last Fall"

We can never get enough of sexual chocolate actor Lance Gross.  He will be returning to the movie screen in 2012 for The Last Fall directed by Matthew Cherry.

After several years in the playing professional football, Kyle Bishop (Lance Gross) is released from his fourth team in three years and returns to his home town, broke and at a complete loss about what he will do for a living. After an initially cold reception, Kyle reconnects with Faith Davis(Nicole Beharie), his old high school sweetheart. Ready to leave football far in the past, Kyle gets a job at a local gym and starts planning a new life with Faith and her young son, Von. However, when Kyle unexpectedly gets a lucrative offer from another professional team, and the father of Faith’s son, Rell, tries to win his way back in her life, he is torn about what path to take.

The flick also stars Darren Henson (Stomp the Yard, Soul Food TV series).  There’s no word if the film will make it to theaters or go straight to dvd (doesn’t sound like a hit to me being that Lance is the only heavy hitter), but best believe I’ll be watching wherever it can be viewed.

-Renée Nicole


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