Monica & Shannon Brown Share Their Wedding Experience [Video]

Monica and Shannon Brown allowed Kevin Frazier of The Insider to have an inside view of their wedding held this past weekend at the renovated cathedral Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles.  Monica sported a 50-pound dress but claimed that she forgot about the lengthy train once she saw “that everybody that meant something to us was in one place.”
Some of those people included LL Cool J, NeNe Leakes, and La La (who somehow in her interview with Frazier made the convo about her and Melo–ummm, La La your wedding was last year, moving right along).
Monica and Shannon had a ghettofabulously large wedding party that included celebs such as Ciara, Derek Fisher, and Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa (who got called in when Khloe couldn’t play the role due to a death in Lam Lam’s fam–probably why Vanessa had that scornful look in the below photo–‘how you gon call me day of to be your bridesmaid!?’).
All in all it appeared to be a beautiful and as LL put it spirtual occasion.  I think that Monica is a beautiful person inside and out and she deserves to experience true happiness.  As usual her style wasn’t the best including that weave (for some reason Atlanta artists can’t get their styling together–Ciara, Keri Hilson–maybe it’s just my opinion), but her beautiful smile overrides all of that.  Monica commented that even her aunt whom she hadn’t seen since she was four was in attendance.
I love the way Monica put it, “I wanted us to be uplifted in Christ, uplifted in family, and making sure everything feels good.”  That’s what love is all about:-)

-Renée Nicole


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