Xzibit Warns Against Planking

While the rest of the world is laying face down on its belly on UPS trucks and home decor, Xzibit is taking a stand against what he considers a poor shot at history.

According to TMZ, Xzibit tweeted, “Planking is THE dumbest sh-t ever.  #Planking was a way to transport slaves on ships during the slave trade, its not funny. Educate.”  He went on to say, “Don’t get it twisted.  I care less where your dumb asses lay face down and take pictures of the shit, I’m just telling you where it came from.”<<(I'm surprised Chris Brown didn't go ham and start a Twitter battle with Xhibit for calling him a dumbass).

It is true that slaves were placed on wood plank beds in a similar position to the popularized “planking,” although that was not the term used for the positioning.

I feel Xzibit on this one.  We should definitely educate ourselves before we go hopping on the bandwagon.  I never understood the hype behind posing on one’s stomach with arms at one’s side and legs extended.  Art?  I just think Hollywood gets weirder and weirder as the clock ticks.

Chris Brown “planking”

Big Sean “planking”

-Renée Nicole


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