[VIDEO] Paul Mooney Jr Says "N***** Been Planking For Years"

Paul Mooney, Jr takes to his Weekend Update where he speaks out about the famous Planking.  Planking is basically posing in the laying in the face down position with your arms down by your side in a strange area.  If you are familiar with Planking you know that it has taken the internet by storm.  I mean everyone is doing it.  Mooney goes in on several celebrities like Kevin Hart, Flava Flav, Chris Brown, Evelyn Lazoda (not a celebrity but she was mentioned) and more.  Mooney runs through a few pictures and voices his opinion on each pic.  It’s pretty hilarious. 

What do you guys think about planking.  Is it as funny as everyone finds it to be?  I don’t see the humor in it but everyone is different.  Check out Mooney’s explanation about Planking below. 



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