DJ Khaleed’s We The Best artist Ace Hood premier’s video for his latest single “Go N Get It” off his upcoming album Blood, Sweat, and Tears due out August 9, 2011. 

In this track the young hustling rapper explains his determination and motivation of his hustle.  The reason he hustles hard is mainly to get his “mama off payroll” and the fact that he’s been “blessed with twins.”  Many of you can identify with Ace being a young black man struggling in this economy stressing over the responsibilities of being the head of the household as well as fulfilling a dream.  That’s a lot for a young man to carry on his shoulders.  I love the positivity and determination portrayed in the video.

Many say he’s the future of hip hop and very underrated.  Others think he’s lyrically challenged.  But is it him or Dj Khaleed because I think all his beats pretty much sound the same. There’s no variety in the music he produces.  For instance this track sounds exactly like the single “Hustle Hard.”  Then again his ability to deliver lyrically doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the beat.   But that’s just my opinion. 

*random thought* Is it me or has Ace gotten a little beefy since we last saw him?  I see you Ace o_O.   What are your thoughts about Ace Hood?  Check out the video below and post your thoughts.



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