Casey Anthony’s Attorney Earns a Complaint for Poor Display

A Florida Bar complaint has been filed against one of Casey Anthony’s attorneys, Cheney Mason for the ignorance displayed in the above picture. 

While celebrating the jury’s verdict Tuesday at an Orlando restaurant, the attorney flipped his middle finger toward people gathered outside. An Associated Press photographer took a picture of the gesture.

“In his complaint, Coral Gables attorney John B. Thompson said Mason violated Bar rules for ‘maintaining integrity of the profession,'” (

“The complaint says Mason’s gesture in a public setting falls under the Bar’s regulatory policy, which holds that actions by lawyers even in private that reflect poorly on the profession are subject to discipline.”

What boggles my mind is that America’s justice system is this completely out of control!  How in the world could you possibly disrespect the death of a two-year-old child in such a way?  Every time I think about this case I want to gag.  I can’t believe a mother got away with murder and now her lawyers have the nerve to make a mockery of it!  God will surely judge accordingly!

-Renée Nicole


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