American Idol Finale Brings Out the Stars

Last night’s American Idol was a star-studded show featuring Idol contestant performances with some of the greatest in music.  The girls teamed up with Beyoncè for a rendition of Crazy in Love (she put them to shame, but Pia Toscano held her own) as well as TLC (see video below).  I was so excited to see TLC on the stage still reppin big for the A!  Lil’Jon opened their performance.

Lauren Alaina sang a duet with one of her idols, Carrie Underwood.  Lauren, the Georgia native that I’ve been rooting for since day one lost the competition to Scotty–triple bore times snooze!  However, as much as I love Lauren Alaina, I was disappointed in her performance with Carrie.  She seemed timid and let Carrie steal the show.  I know she’s a superstar, but Lauren you’re on your way…this is a grown up business so step up to the plate.  You’ve definitely got the skills to back it up!

One of the highlights of the show was J-Lo’s dance break with her husband Mark Anthony during his performance (which featured Sheila E. on drums, she’s STILL gettin’ it!).  Some argue that J-Lo stole Mark’s shine, but I think it was a cute and playful performance between a couple who is obviously “crazy in love.”  They are the latino Jay and Bey!

Check out recaps from last night’s performances:

-Renèe Nicole


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