I sit thinking back trying to remember how we met
In that moment as I reminisce and smile
The sweetness in your voice, your perfect smile
Your tender touch as you grabbed my hand
I sit and think how could I have ever gone astray
How could I disappoint you and yet you stay
You never judge by because you understand
All you want is for me to know you are in demand
The many times I’ve fallen it was you that lifted me up
At the darkest times you brought in the light
I could cry to you and call you at any time of the night
Never did you judge me instead you encourage me to fight
I ask you why do you stay and never turn your back
You answer before all the distractions, the lust, and the lies
It is I that truly know what lies inside
I created you and I know your potential but its up to you to flush out your mental
You see before the temptations there was me
Before the day and night there was me
Before the lust of the flesh…there was me
Before the heartbreaks and lies there was me
Before the pain there was me
Longing for you to notice me
Wanting you to come back to me
Wanting you to know that in this place
You are in good grace
I want you to know that I can fill that void
I can erase the pain and replace with peace
Yes I will take you broken, battered, and burdened
Because to me thats what makes you beautiful and strong
I want to love you and protect you from harm
So here I am again knocking at your heart
The only question is are you ready for a fresh start?



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