Searched His Phone, Who Dis?

badu phones

This week on This Ain’t a Movie podcast, Renée and Charles discuss the multi-decade, unspoken beef between Brandy and Monica, what we gon’ do about North Korea, and should a girl sneak through her man’s phone?!

Listen below and leave your take in the comments.

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3 Steps to Acceleration [VIDEO]


Are you in an environment that you don’t feel you belong in? Maybe you work around believers who don’t live according to their faith. Maybe you have lifelong friends who persuade you to partake in behavior that’s less than your best self. Maybe you are married to someone that challenges everything that God is calling you to do.

When we find ourselves in a difficult situation that seems almost impossible to get out of, we can feel stuck. But God is here to save you from that pit. It may require an uncomfortable conversation with God, yourself, and the people involved, but it’s worth it to reach your destiny.

Watch today’s Video Chat as Renée shares three essential steps to accelerating to your greater purpose.



Relocation Challenges & Insecure Nudity



This week Renée & Charles talk about relocating when prompted to and ridding of junk in your life, the abundance of nudity in Season 2 of HBO hit show “Insecure,” and they highlight a black entrepreneur who is creating apps for the masses.

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